From waterless to holistic: Beautystreams identifies eight beauty trends

From waterless to holistic: Beautystreams identifies eight beauty trends

Posted on June 16, 2022.

In its annual Cosmotrends report, based on the analysis of the most innovative products chosen among the exhibiting companies at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Beautystreams highlighted eight key beauty trends:

- Lash it Up! places the focus on eyelashes (and brows) as men and women get more creative, colourful and bolder, combining self-expression with fun and experimentation.

- Derma Nerd highlights the surge of AI-boosted intelligent delivery systems that boost the power of active ingredients and make products more efficient, for example through smart encapsulation, nanosome technology or micro-dosing.

- Beauty by Numbers is another tech-driven trend; with product customization reaching new heights as ever more sophisticated forms of AI allow detailed diagnoses and tailored product recommendations and formulae for a truly personalized beauty solution.

- No to H2O refers to the increasingly popular water-conscious cosmetics, such as anhydrous (water-free) dry products or solid cosmetics. As water shortage is slated to be one of the biggest global problems in the near future, cutting down on the water footprint in beauty manufacturing will be key.

- Tribute to Ancestral is highlighting the recent surge in traditional ingredients and age-old beauty rituals. These confer a sense of stability and reassurance in a time of uncertainty, as well inspire curiosity and a desire to experiment.

- Surprise me, Delight Me is all about embracing sensation and pleasure of use; a renewed focus on tangible touch-points and tactile sensations after several years of everything becoming more digitalized. This trend focuses on surprising sensorial benefits, interesting textures and formats to turn product application into a fun experience.

- Mind, Body, Soul reflects how people increasingly view well-being through a broader lens, incorporating every aspect of life. A new generation of beauty products are not only delivering skin care benefits but also helping to create a holistic experience of well-being, sparking joy and boosting the mood.

- Eventually, Lab-Born Naturals is another sustainability-driven trend, focusing on the possibilities of biotechnology to create powerful actives and natural ingredients without negatively impacting the planet. Developing natural ingredients through synthetic processes increases the use of renewable natural resources and is more environmentally friendly.

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